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Friendly GM

Travis’s first book, The Friendly Game Master, is your guide to creating your own stories in the world of table top games like Dungeons and Dragons. It teaches you to:* Make sense of your players and get them to do what you want them to do* Get your players to be more engaged in the world, and remember what happened session to session* Create a fresh unique world that all of your friends will talk about for years.

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Upcoming Projects

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Travis’s next book, Nadia the Nefarious Necromancer, is set in a high fantasy world where destiny determines everything and the people are powerless to challenge the fates. That is, until one young woman rejects her destiny, and by doing so changes the way the world works forever.* Contains characters with magical powers like controlling the dead, throwing fireballs and changing floral patterns on wallpaper* Contains a barbarian king who can crush a human skull with his bare hand, but who really just wants to write poetry* Contains a fascinating web of fresh characters, driven to achieve their unique goals in a world of fantastic magical places.

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Dino Island

Dino Island is a Graphic Novel and/or a 5th Edition D&D campaign settingin the making. Travis and his creative partner Nick both have a passion for creating insane and disturbing monsters, so they made a world where a mad scientist is on a quest to create the perfect life form… out of dinosaurs… with laser beams. * Includes the Omni-Rex, a T-Rex with huge beefy arms!* Includes the Terror-dactyl, who just wants a friend to hug* Also includes bonus nightmares and free hopelessness, because you will be trapped forever.

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Doom Dojo

Travis cowrites for the webcomic Master Sensei and the Dojo of Doom, along with writer and artist Nick Baer. They combine the sense of humorous adventure from childhood shows like Dragon Ball with a macabre feel of doom paired with horrible monsters from video games like Dark Souls. Nick and Travis combine their real life martial arts experience with their passion for writing and drawing to make a totally insane and original webcomic.* New and exciting monsters all the time, like Pedo-Dog and Trucker Mage!* Comic updates every Monday* Blog updates every Friday.

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